SRBI Paraprofessionals

Ellen Stone, Caitlyn Rogers, Sandye Smith, Lisa Thompson & Diane Fitzgerald

Nicole Kelly, Reading Specialist
Reading Specialist
What is SRBI?

At Jerome Harrison Elementary School, we use Scientific Research Based Instruction (SRBI). SRBI is a general education, comprehensive and systematic approach to assessing and instructing students. At JHS, our teachers provide a variety of approaches to ensure the success of every student. When screenings show that interventions are needed, some may take place within the classroom and some may take place outside the classroom with an interventionist/specialist.  SRBI occurs in 6-8 week cycles, in which progress will be discussed among our SRBI team and adjusted as necessary.

Here is a breakdown of support:

Tier I: The classroom teacher will use a variety of strategies within the core curriculum to address individual instructional needs.

Tier II: Students will be provided with additional intervention, in a small group, with an interventionist who will monitor progress.

Tier III: Students will be provided with more intensive, one-to-one intervention, with a specialist who will monitor progress.

Below are some things you can do at home to continually support your child:

  • Set aside time daily for your child to spend reading independently and/or time when you can read with your child and discuss the book together.
  • Ask questions before, during, and after reading to monitor their comprehension.
  • Encourage your child to try and solve unknown words using strategies he/she has learned in class.