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The North Branford Board of Education consists of seven members elected to serve, without compensation. The Board members serve at-large and following election, officers are selected for Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.

The Board is charged with specific roles and responsibilities by state and federal statute. It sets policy for the school district and implements those policies through building and district administration.

Some of the main roles of the Board are as follows:

Employment of the Superintendent
Legislative or Policymaking
Educational & Strategic Planning
Financial Resource – Budget Process
School Facilities
Communications with the Public

Office of the Superintendent
1332 Middletown Avenue
P.O. Box 129
Northford, CT 06472
Phone: (203)484-1440
Shawna Papa-Holzer - Board Chair

Marcey Onofrio - Vice Chair

Elizabeth Siena - Secretary

Jana Balsamo - Member

Carolyn Candelora - Member

Vincent Mase - Member

Cynthia Rice - Member
Board Meeting Agendas
Board Feedback Form
Link to Board Feedback Form

Please note: Members of the Board’s Communications Subcommittee will receive your message. Your feedback will be reviewed for further consideration. As long as the email address is valid, you will receive an electronically generated receipt of delivery; however, you will not receive a reply to this feedback form.